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  • The Moscow Frame-Up Trials: 'Shoot the mad dogs!'
    The ideas of Trotsky - which represent the continuation of Marxist thought since Lenin's death - are without question the most slandered set of ideas in history. Together with Marx and Lenin, Trotsky has been subjected to a continual onslaught from capitalist commentators and academics, including the Russian 'democrats' of the Volkogonov type, for his alleged totalitarianism and subversive ideas. In reality, it is the revolutionary message of Marxism which poses a threat to their system - and they must attempt to discredit these ideas at every opportunity. By Rob Sewell.
  • Not Guilty Dewey Commission Report
    Not Guilty - Dewey Commission This book contains the report of the Dewey Commission. The Commission's hearings, which were held to investigate the charges made against Trotsky in the Moscow Trials, took place in Mexico City between 10 and 17 April 1937. The report of the Commission constitutes a devastating rebuttal of these charges and exposes the trials as a fake. "On the basis of all the evidence herein examined and all the conclusions stated," concludes the Commission, "we find Leon Trotsky and Leon Sedov not guilty." Also available from Wellred or available online on the Marxists Internet Archive.

We also recommend the following texts as additional reading on the subject:

  • 1937: Stalin's Year of Terror
    by Vadim Rogovin,
    published by Mehring Books, has recently come out and is also a very good
    account of Stalin's frame-up trials. Can be ordered from WellRed Books
  • The Red Book
    by Leon Sedov, Trotsky's son.
    This is available and can be ordered from WellRed Books (3.95 sterling).
    This is a good short account in which Sedov exposes the Moscow Trials.


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