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We would suggest the following:

  • Leon Trotsky on France Pathfinder Press, New York, ISBN 0 87348 836 9
    Unfortunately this book is not available on-line but it can be ordered from Wellred Books .

We would also suggest reading:

  • Chile: The Threatening Catastrophe 1971
    Written by Alan Woods in September 1971, two years before Pinochet's military coup. Warned against the threat of a military coup if the Popular Unity government failed to mobilise the masses and carry out a genuine socialist programme.
  • Lessons of Chile 1973
    The arrest of former Chilean dictator Pinochet in London has generated a lot interest about Chile. We take advantadge of this opportunity to publish a document written in 1979 by Alan Woods analysing the history of Chilean labour movement and specially the period of the socialist coalition government of Allende. Who was behind Pinochet's coup? What interests was he defending? What were the policies of the Allende government and why despite all warnings was unable to prevent the coup?
  • The Spanish Revolution 1931-37
    This article by Ted Grant was first published in 1973 as part of the discussions which were taking place in the Spanish underground movement against Franco. I summed up the lessons of the Spanish revolution and served as a contribution to the rearming of the new generation of workers and youth in the Spanish Young Socialists, the UGT and the PSOE. Also available is the introduction to the 1995 edition of the pamphlet, reprinted as a reply to the Stalinist lies on the Spanish Civil War which resurfaced again in the discussion around Ken Loach's film Land and Freedom.

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